About LUCI


La Union Cultural Institute (LUCI) is founded in September 18, 1931, is managed by the LUCI Board of Trustees. It offers complete Basic Education Program – Pre-Elementary (Nursery, Kindergarten, Preparatory), Elementary and Secondary Education.

LUCI ranks among the best schools in the Region. From its high caliber faculty to its high achieving students, from its distinguished Alumni to its myriad contributions to the community. LUCI has been an educational institution that has produced most of the well-known successful professionals, businessmen and leaders in the province of La Union as well as those outside of our region and overseas. With over 80 years of experience, LUCI has attained a stature, to which most schools here can only aspire. LUCI is an educational institution dedicated to academic excellence, values formation and community service. It focuses on Advanced Mathematics, Science, English and Computer to prepare students for the challenges of the new global economy.


  • Well-planned core curriculum with emphasis on Math, Science, English, Computer and Values Education.  The most comprehensive in the province.
  • Maintains an average class size of only 25 students per classroom to maximize learning.
  • Student & Service centered school. It is non-profit and non-stock institution.  Offers Advanced Math and Science at no additional cost.  Provides challenging experiences and skills.
  • Has modern facilities to support its curriculum and enhance learning.
  • Offers Computer subject on all levels.  Students learn popular programs and applications.
  • Caters to all students regardless of nationality, race, culture and religion.
  • Child-friendly school.  We take all necessary steps to ensure the safety and security of students.
  • Provides access to the Internet to all students for web browsing, online learning, research and email.
  • Very Good Location.  Just within the city proper and very accessible to main streets.
  • Supports academic excellence through Scholarships.
  • Recognized by the Department of Education.
  • Opportunity to learn Chinese Language, Arts, Culture and Math with Professional Chinese teachers from mainland China.
  • Best value for your money.  You get all these advantages at a very reasonable price.
  • Has the track record of being the training ground of many successful professionals and businessmen now running prominent establishments in La Union.
  • One of the Most Awarded school in the entire province.